About Us


This is the official new store of DRAW-INK´STORE by DRAW-INK.COM. It is where the simple lines and cute stuff goes on apparel, accessories and decor. 

DRAW-INK´STORE was in first place created to offer limited edition Fine Art Prints that have each undergone my inspection, earned my blessing and signature. That store rests on it´s formal address at draw-ink.com and continues to ship high quality Fine Art Prints into the World, from my location in Slovenia, Europe (EU).

Because I separate my collections of Fine Art Prints and designs that go on accessories and apparel, this second store location has been created. Here you will find a little different world of designs, some that are connected to the themes at draw-ink.com and some that make no sense at all, like rainbow coloured unicorn fish for example. But no matter what inspirational impulse strikes me next, all designs are still originally created and drawn with isographs and real ink.

Luckily I found people that print my designs on a variety of products and have as of recently stores in both the USA and Europe. This way even though all products are available worldwide from both locations, some products (more and more) are also available faster and with lower shipping costs to the European customers. Those are some very good news!

​As I am trying to expand with my wishes for the store and the demands and wishes of costumers, I am hoping to provide more options in the future. If you have questions or special wishes regarding the products, please feel free to contact me

at info@draw-ink.com - I am happy to help.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you found something of interest to you.